Demolition works

The reconstruction of refractory linings of thermal aggregates and other construction activities is often preceded by the need to carry out demolition and removal works of original, still unsatisfactory and existing linings or concreting degraded by thermal, chemical and mechanical stresses.

These demolition works are very closely related to our activities, not only within the framework of projects and processing of REFRAPROFI’s contracts for the implementation of new lining, but we will also be happy to process these demolition works for our customers as a separate contract to order. Demolition and removal works are carried out on any masonry, both on brick and concrete or reinforced concrete walls, floors or ceilings.

For this purpose, we are equipped with our own technical equipment, such as HUSQUARNA demolition robots, type DXR 300 and DXR 140.

DXR 300

The DXR 300 is Husquarna’s most powerful remote-controlled demolition robot. Combined with the SB 302 demolition hammer, it has the highest power/weight ratio in its class on the market, with an output of 22 kW. With a width of just 78 cm, it easily passes through ordinary doors. This unique combination allows for a very wide range of applications. The arm has a range of about 5 m and its design allows precise positioning of the tool. Stabilization supports with individual control and wide span ensure excellent stability allowing high loads. The robust DXR 300 is a versatile demolition robot for use in the construction and manufacturing industries. It can be combined with a wide range of tools, such as demolition hammers or compact and versatile breakers or hydraulic shears for cables and steel profiles.

DXR 140

The DXR 140 is Husquarna’s most compact remote-controlled demolition robot with a 360° swivel arm, 15kW output and low weight. This powerful machine is specially designed for demolition work in confined spaces where exceptional manoeuvrability and small dimensions are required. The DXR 140 is a universal demolition robot for the construction and manufacturing industries. It can be combined with a wide range of tools, such as demolition hammers or compact and versatile breakers and hydraulic shears for cables and steel profiles.

In addition to these demolition robots, we are also equipped with various accessories, such as the SB 132, 152 and 302 demolition hammers or hydraulic shears, etc.

We are also equipped with a TYROLIT diamond wall hydraulic saw for cuts up to 540 mm deep. The saw has a compact, fully integrated design, is light and stable, equipped with rails and blade guard and is very easy to operate.

As a complementary assortment for demolition operations, we own a number of other hand, electric or pneumatic tools, such as demolition and drilling hammers, jackhammers, etc.

For these activities, we use our own team of experienced employees, each of whom has completed appropriate safety, fire and other training, such as professional training by manufacturers for qualified operation of the above-mentioned technical equipment and machines. Our employees are also trained in the professional management of waste of various types, in their ecological disposal as well as in relevant regulations, standards, etc.